The standardization is recommending the official forms of proper names, which should be done in accordance with the general rules of each language. Names of caves (speleonymy), as a special part of toponymy that function within the speleologistsí and geologistsí microsocieties, have not been standardized yet. A team for the cave names standardization, appointed by Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography, prepared Polish caves names tentative list in 2006. The list contained the names of 3067 caves, only 61 among them have the status of official names. The next stage was the assessment of the names by two linguists. They proposed official forms for all of the cave names, taking into consideration the particular criteria, as well as the accordance of the verbal and written forms with general lingual rules of Polish language, historical notations, usage tradition etc. Next, the project was consulted within the Commission of Place Names and Physiographic Objects Names, together with the linguists. The effects of these works were published on the website. This constituted as an introduction to the discussion within the speleologistsí as well as geologistsí communities.