The years 20102011 were a period of very hard work for public statistics. In 2010, from 1st of September to 31st of October Agricultural Census was carried out (PSR 2010). This year, in the period from 1st of April to 30th of June, the National Census of Population and Housing was conducted (Census 2011). With a view to necessity of efficient financial management, the implementation of the census introduced a modern and relatively cheaper solutions than were used previously. It focused on obtaining data from 16 holders from 25 information systems (including the administration systems), and the use of electronic communication tools. Paper forms were completely eliminated. This allowed to reduce the burden on respondents, and to reduce printing costs of census materials. In connection with this method, following channels were used for data acquisition in the censuses: administrative sources, Internet interview (CAII Computer Assisted Internet Interview, self-enumeration Online), Telephone interview (CATI Computer Assisted Telephone Interview), inventory through Enumerator (CAPI Computer Assisted Personal Interview) equipped with a portable terminal hand-held.