The mission of Endeavour spacecraft well known as SRTM (Shuttle Radar Topography Mission) eleven years ended ago. The obtainment the radar data set by only just eleven days was the aim of mission. Based on this data the DEM for over 80 percent of the surface of Earth has been generated. The SRTM for all potential users is available free. For Polish area this data are accessible on level DTED-2 in dt2 format with resolution 30 by 30 meters. Acquisition of DEM with accuracy CE (90) better than 16 meters was the obtainment of the program of the SRTM mission. The accuracy of the SRTM terrain model on Eurasia area after calibration of the measuring system was CE (90) = 6.2 m. In order to determine the absolute accuracy of SRMT model on Polish area the research work has been performed on the basis of reference terrain profiles measured by GPS technique. The flat and hilly terrains were examined in administrative borders of fourteen provinces. It was not reference data for mountainous terrains. For the analysis of accuracy of the SRTM model terrain have been measured. The accuracy of SRTM model presented by RMSE was computed on the basic of the height differences between profiles and models homolog points. The analyses have been done in SCOP++ Inpho software. It was affirmed that absolute accuracy of SRTM-X elevation model on Polish area is 3.6 m for flat and 4.1 m for hilly region. It was affirmed too, that this accuracy is depend on finally grid interpolation process. Results of the process are function of terrain slopes and density of grid points. Statistic assessment of accuracy of SRTM model showed that source SRTM-X data includes gross errors as well as ingredient systematic linear error component (bias). This component is the result of insufficient calibration of the measuring system (interferometer) relation to scanned ground. After gross errors and bias elimination the absolute accuracy of SRTM-X model on Polish area increases to 1.0 m for flat and 1.8 m for hilly area.