In this paper the algorithm for determining invariant points of spatial objects was presented as implemented on the data of Great Britainís coastline. Invariant points (cartographic warp) were determined as a linear object feature for its simplification in a process of digital cartographic generalisation. Invariant points provide spatial objects with hierarchy and, consequently, can increase trust towards the simplification results. Determination of the invariant points can be preceded by a simplification process carried with the unambiguous/objective methods depending only on the scale of a processed map (scale-driven methods) as well as with use of point reduction algorithms. Determination of the invariant points is proceeded during the process of preparation of the data to its implementation in a Digital Landscape Model (DLM) in a Multi Resolution/Multi Representation Data Base (MRDB). The results of the process of determination of the invariant points show, that this feature can be determined in an automatic way for the open or closed polylines.