In this article aspects of indoor spatial model construction from terrestrial phase laser scanner data were presented. Range of work included cloud points acquisition and connection, and then elaboration an interior 3D model. Test object were rooms of the Department of Photogrammetry located in Institute of Geodesy and Cartography. As a result of comparison the available scanning parameters it was found that a full scan with the appropriate resolution can be done in less than 4 minutes. Connection of single scans on the basis of spheres and shields with an accuracy better than 2 mm was performed. Modeling of the obtained data in MicroStation software was done. In the modeling process the possibility of point cloud rotation and defining an auxiliary coordinate system AccuDraw was used. Some elements canít be modeled because bad cloud points described them were removed during filtration. The shape of these elements can be modeled using intersection between perpendicular plane and line crossing neighboring deleted points of cloud as well as center of scanner head. In most cases the office spaces with used of cloud points floor plan (for modeling the shape of rooms and there infrastructure elements) and vertical plans (to give a height of objects) can be modeled. Based on performed studies it can be concluded that situation inside buildings with sufficient detail and accuracy of Ī 6 mm can be quick modeled on the basis of laser scanner data.