In 2007 came into force so called Floods Directive imposing an obligation to draw up hazard maps and flood risk maps by the end of 2013. Methodology of developing such maps in Poland determines the Decree of the Minister of the Environment, the Minister for Infrastructure and Minister of the Interior and Administration on the development of flood hazard maps and flood risk maps. Methodology defines, among others, content range of maps, the quality of source data and the timetable for their implementation and publication. Such maps are based on current geodetic and cartographic data, including the precise digital terrain model developed from airborne laser scanning data. The project was created, "The Computer System of the National Guards against exceptional risks", abbreviated ISOK under which GUGiK is preparing such data. The territorial scope of the development includes more than 60% of the country threatened by floods. Work on developing the digital terrain model runs until the end of 2013. As part of the Project, in addition to digital terrain model, digital high resolution orthophotomap for more than 200 cities with 0.10 m terrain pixel size, and elements of Data Base of Topographic Objects will be produced. The article introduces a methodology of development of flood maps, the scope of the ISOK Project and examines the technical assumptions.