Current technologies of data acquisition enable the development of high-quality three dimensional models of various objects, including buildings. These include various methods of laser scanning, photogrammetric techniques or traditional ground-based measurement methods. Then level of detail of elaborated models depends on the aim, which translates to a large extent on the choice of an appropriate method. In the case of large area elaborations dominate the latest technologies such as airborne laser scanning and digital photogrammetry. Due to the range of elaborations these methods are also economically justified. In case of need to obtain and develop data for projects involving smaller range are used ground-based data acquisition methods such as laser scanning, total station measurements or GPS / RTK (Global Positioning System/Real Time Kinematic) techniques. One of the basic objectives of the building elaboration is determination of their accuracy and level of detail, which is associated with the selection of an appropriate set of measurement. Heaving the continuous development of market instruments, this article assesses the possibility of using a set of measuring GPS / RTK and TruPulse 360B laser rangefinder for buildings modeling. Using this measurement set was associated with the development of models of buildings, which as one of the elements of land cover, were used for spatial analysis using three-dimensional maps to plan the location of observation sensors on inland waterways in the port of Szczecin.