Relatively new technology which is laser scanning provides wide area of scientific study and research on new algorithms and spatial analysis methods. Unfortunately most of existing software does not allow for modification of existing procedures, usually working on a “black box” principle, where laser input data are treated with unknown operations, yielding results which are hard to verify. It severely impedes scientific freedom while research is involved. That is why idea of creating own software was born, based on open source license, not encumbered with those restrictions. Those were main reasons for creating LIDARView project. It assumes open access to modules source code allowing for improvements of used algorithms and modular design allows for unrestricted research through additions of new elements. LIDARView project is currently in its starting phase. Software allows for basic point cloud operations such as: zooming, translation and rotation of laser data. Included image module allows for displaying photographs as background for a point cloud. Cloud module can be used for accessing classification and filter functions. Current development state includes: gross error removal, cloud thinning and point classification for topographic surface.