The aim of this paper is the analysis of surface disfigurement for construction elements such as fragment of end-plates, which were subjected to various, deforming loads, with a usage of image-based matching. 32 pieces of end-plates were a subject of experiment where digital images from non-metric camera were used. The project was performed on Z/I Imaging workstation with a usage of the module equipped with image matching option. Visualization of surfaces deformation was shown in respect to theoretical, non-deformed plane in ArcGIS 9.3. software. Thus it was possible to obtain deformation values at any point on the surface for object of interest. Creation of digital surface models and analysis of their deformations allowed for the assessment (made by construction engineers) of deformation mechanisms for end-plates with different thickness, height and with varying reinforcement ratio of the concrete slab. This research helped to draw a conclusion concerning design and load capacity assignment for steel joints and composite skeletal construction. Before steel joints with their end-plates were subject of photogrammetric modeling, they had been disfigured by experimental loads in laboratory of Department of Building Construction in Faculty of Civil Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology. Such plates were a subject of photogrammetric reconstruction in Department of Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Science, where digital surface model of mentioned objects were reconstructed and presented in graphic and numerical formats.