he paper presents the results of measurements of geometric deviations of the rotary element using optoelectronic technique. Research work was carried out on the example of measuring spindle lathe (lathe type TUE-40). In the work was used a prototype instrument, creating measurement set, which includes: the profilograph (two lasers emit laser beams with red color) and measuring receiver (camera CCD / CMOS sensor combined with a portable computer). Laser beams emitted from a fixed base are observed in the form of laser spots on the surface of the spindle by CCD/CMOS sensor and recorded in the form of single images or video on your computer. Images or video recording is carried out at with predefined frequency. Based on recorded images, and using the original program are determined centroid of laser spots. The designated coordinates of the laser spots allow to specify the deviations of the rotary of the test element with the accuracy not exceeding ▒ 0.088 mm.