Images taken during point cloud acquisition using laser scanning can be subsequently utilized for generating textures of 3D models. As a result the final amount of information associated with produced model is increased. Automatic texture generation using captured images directly, demands the knowledge about parameters describing image projection. However using the information about color stored as point cloud attributes allows texture generation without using the images directly. The addressed researches aim to develop a method of model texturing. As the final result a simple GUI application has been created in C++. Point clouds in text format and VRML models are used as the input data. In order to speed up the calculation process, in the first step the automatic segmentation of the point clouds is performed. Secondly the information about the object surfaces is obtained based on VRML file and then textures are defined. After performing spatial analysis between pixels position on textured surfaces and point cloud, the pixels color information is computed and texture images are generated. The results show that the test objects textures may be affected by noise resulting from radiometric discrepancies between images acquired from different standpoints.