The aim of the work is to verify color components of the satellite maps intended for distinguishing of ecological and production grassland due visual interpretation. Landsat images have been carried out in two dates: 2011-05-01 and 1999-09-10. Semi- automated object classification was performed on the training and test samples using spectral bands ETM4 and ETM5, and panchromatic ETM8. Different pairs of bands were analyzed separately. Test sample were statistically representative for fragments of the two geographical regions: Szczercowska Basin and Piotrkowska Plain. Yates's chi-squared test was applied. Confirmed the importance of the channel ETM4 registered in the two times of the year in the distinction of ecological and production grassland. However, due to a high level of error it is necessary to use more classification cues and/or terrain verification of field sites identified as ecological. Bitemporal composition of ETM4 and ETM5 bands enhanced with ETM8 band does not affect the ability to identify ecological grasslands by colour cues.