Photogrammetry is the most common method which is used to document and analyze the historic buildings and cultural heritage. However terrestrial laser scanning method is becoming more often use in this purpose. Although many advantages the terrestrial laser scanning method has some limitations which in combination with the classical photogrammetric approaches makes this both methods complementary. This paper present the experience related to the process of photogrammetric data integration for creation of 3D model Red Army monument located in Vienna. The process included two steps. The first one consisted of data acquisition, retrieved with classical geodetic technique, both airborne and terrestrial laser scanning and ground-based images. Through preprocessing and orientation it was possible to verify data accuracy and to prepare it for further processing. The second step referred to combination and visualization of all data in the ArcGIS. The main purpose of this study was to verify the possibility of using different data sources to generate 3D models of selected objects located in urban space.