The controller Kinect is a motion sensor which is an input device for the XBOX 360 game console (Microsoft ) allows the controlled with gestures and verbal commands. Device has two cameras (RGB and IR) and IR laser projector. The processor included in the device based on IR camera image compute "depth map" (640 x 480) in the range from 0.8 m to 5 m in real time (30 Hz). The low price of the device compared to its features suggest its use as the equivalent of 3D laser scanners shipping. The paper presents a number of issues related to the collection of information from the device to a PC, point cloud generation and its coloring. During practical tests proved that the format is unusual information and data are provided with variable accuracy depending on the distance from the device. It became necessary to develop their own methods for sensor calibration "depth" specific to the operation and features of the obtained point cloud. A major problem in the calibration was not possible to exercise its classical way to "point" field, which may not yield a depth map projection. A number of problems had to be solved by combining depth image with visible due to the different distribution, resolution and field of view of both cameras. In the second part of the study will be presented calibration method and results for a specific copy of the Kinect sensor and the accuracy obtained. In order to check the "quality" of the resulting point cloud was carried out to compare the results of other more professional scanning methods. The obtained results allow us to estimate the accuracy of a few mm at the same time a large discontinuity measurements - depth map contains only about a thousand different values.