Multispectral images, acquired by digital non metric Sigma DP2 cameras, which were carried by Unmanned Aerial Vehicle - AVI-1 were used to produce orthoimages with 0.15 m ground resulution. Pictures were taken on 17 October 2011. Basing on them selected dendrometric characteristics of single scotch pine trees and their location were determined. Through field measurements both breast height diameters of tree's stems and crowns extends were established. These data were compared with crowns extends determined basing on crowns shapes digitized manually on orthoimages. Individual trees dendrometric characteristics were compared with crown width digitized on orthomozaic. Relationship between the characteristics of individual trees and crown segments obtained high values of determination up to R2=0,8. The results are satisfactory for forestry purposes in order to acquire accurate and fast information about wood volume. UAV images may be used to analyse effects of damage factors acting on small areas also.