Gathering information about the roof shapes of the buildings is still current issue. One of the many sources from which we can obtain information about the buildings is the airborne laser scanning. However, detect information from cloud o points about roofs of building automatically is still a complex task. You can perform this task by helping the additional information from other sources, or based only on Lidar data. This article describes how to detect the building roof only from a point cloud. To define the shape of the roof is carried out in three tasks. The first step is to find the location of the building, the second is the precise definition of the edge, while the third is an indication of the roof planes. First step based on the grid analyses. And the next two task based on Hough Transformation. Hough transformation is a method of detecting collinear points, so a perfect match to determine the line describing a roof. To properly determine the shape of the roof is not enough only the edges, but it is necessary to indicate roofs. Thus, in studies Hough Transform, also served as a tool for detection of roof planes. The only difference is that the tool used in this case is a three-dimensional.