Digital Surface Models (DSM) are used in GIS data bases as single product more often. They are also necessary to create other products such as3D city models, true-ortho and object-oriented classification. This article presents results of DSM generation for classification of vegetation in urban areas. Source data allowed producing DSM with using of image matching method and ALS data. The creation of DSM from digital images, obtained by Ultra Cam-D digital Vexcel camera, was carried out in Match-T by INPHO. This program optimizes the configuration of images matching process, which ensures high accuracy and minimize gap areas. The analysis of the accuracy of this process was made by comparison of DSM generated in Match-T with DSM generated from ALS data. Because of further purpose of generated DSM it was decided to create model in GRID structure with cell size of 1 m. With this parameter differential model from both DSMs was also built that allowed determining the relative accuracy of the compared models. The analysis indicates that the generation of DSM with multi-image matching method is competitive for the same surface model creation from ALS data. Thus, when digital images with high overlap are available, the additional registration of ALS data seems to be unnecessary.