The Bundlab software has been developed mainly for academic and research application. This work can be treated as a kind of a report describing the current state of the development of this computer program, focusing especially on the analytical solutions. Firstly, the overall characteristics of the software are provided. Then the description of the image orientation procedure starting from the relative orientation is addressed. The applied solution is based on the coplanarity equation parametrized with the essential matrix. The problem is reformulated in order to solve it using methods of algebraic geometry. The solution is followed by the optimization involving the least square criterion. The formation of the image block from the oriented models as well as the absolute orientation procedure were implemented using the Horn approach as a base algorithm. The second part of the paper is devoted to the tools and methods applied in the stereo digitization module. The solutions that support the user and improve the accuracy are given. Within the paper a few exemplary applications and products are mentioned. The work finishes with the concepts of development and improvements of existing functions.