The paper presents an analysis of the advantages from using the photogrammetric system Summit Evolution ArcGis 3D, DAT/EM, for acquisition of vector data for edges of building roofs. The process of stereodigitization in this system can be performed on the stereo model reconstructed on the basis of the digital aerial photographs as well as the high resolution satellite images. The software allows to create the base of roof edges for buildings in GIS environment simultaneously with their extraction. Such direct connection of a GIS data base with the photogrammetric workstation permits an on-line verification and modification of the content of the data base, and thus a higher consistence of the extracted vector data with the existing data in GIS data base can be ensured. Such direct integration of a photogrammetric workstation with GIS data base allows for direct and automatic visualization of the extracted data, and thus a control of a new or modified vector data base with respect to geometry and topology can be carried out on-line.