Thematic maps have been worked out and updated since the 80s of 20th century to realize the basic functions of the GIS. The concept of creating thematic maps has been developed, and now they can be used as true GIS data. At present almost 60% of Poland’s territory is covered by thematic maps. In recent years the number of newly created map sheets has decreased because of the shortage of funds. In this article the authors have made an attempt at describing a new approach to making hydrographical and environmental maps. The concept presented is based on harmonization and combining both kinds of the maps. A proper division into hydrographical and environmental protection and degradation factors would enable an analysis of chosen issues in a broader perspective, for example, that of the region, province and country. The article presents also a suggestion for a new way of describing the factual part, which is a comment drawn up by a team of scientific consultants. The presented concept includes an attempt at integrating both the studies. The authors hope that the new way of making thematic maps will broaden the range of new studies and popularize hydrographical and environmental maps.