High resolution ortophotomap is frequently used for land cover inventory. The paper presents conditions under which the task of automated image classification can be accomplished using Geo-Object Image Analysis (GEOBIA): the ortophotomap quality, applied processing procedure, and operators experience. The first of them was recognized as most important and compared to the existing polish technical guidelines regarding the quality of the ortophotomap. The desired features of the remote sensing material were presented according to the following fields: spatial resolution of imagery, number and type of image bands used for classification procedure, geometrical accuracy, the type of orthorectification procedure, photometric properties, local errors. The recommendations are addressed for facilitating the object-based classification of high resolution orthophotomap. They are useful for planning the organizational issues of the aerial flight to acquire images used for land cover inventory. The presented guidelines are also useful for assessing the cost of the possible correction of the obtained land cover classification, if the recommendations cannot be met