Mobile laser scanning is dynamically developing measurement technology, which is becoming increasingly widespread in acquiring three-dimensional spatial information. Continuous technical progress based on the use of new tools, technology development, and thus the use of existing resources in a better way, reveals new horizons of extensive use of MLS technology. Mobile laser scanning system is usually used for mapping linear objects, and in particular the inventory of roads, railways, bridges, shorelines, shafts, tunnels, and even geometrically complex urban spaces. The measurement is done from the perspective of use of the object, however, does not interfere with the possibilities of movement and work. This paper presents the initial results of the segmentation data acquired by the MLS. The data used in this work was obtained as part of an inventory measurement infrastructure railway line. Measurement of point clouds was carried out using a profile scanners installed on the railway platform. To process the data, the tools of 'open source' Point Cloud Library was used. These tools allow to use templates of programming libraries. PCL is an open, independent project, operating on a large scale for processing 2D/3D image and point clouds. Software PCL is released under the terms of the BSD license (Berkeley Software Distribution License), which means it is a free for commercial and research use. The article presents a number of issues related to the use of this software and its capabilities. Segmentation data is based on applying the templates library pcl_ segmentation, which contains the segmentation algorithms to separate clusters. These algorithms are best suited to the processing point clouds, consisting of a number of spatially isolated regions. Template library performs the extraction of the cluster based on the fit of the model by the consensus method samples for various parametric models (planes, cylinders, spheres, lines, etc.). Most of the mathematical operation is carried out on the basis of Eigen library, a set of templates for linear algebra.