The paper discusses experiences resulting from the surveying inventory of Klimkówka earthdam's control gallery. Current status of the law, which impose obligation of adequate technical control onthe unit administering and operating hydraulic structures is presented. Laser scanning due to the lack of suitable developed measurements methodology for this type of objects is rarely used for its inventory and control. In August 2012, the measurement of displacements of control gallery of this object using precise levelling was conducted by the staff and the students from the Department of Engineering and Detailed Surveying (WUT, Faculty of Geodesy and Cartography). Simultaneously, an inventory of control gallery using terrestrial laser scanning was made. In addition, during the processing the data an attempt to analyse the I values (Intensity) was made which were recorded during the measure of concrete overflow using automated image analysis in order to carry out the characteristic classification of the concrete -this analysis is to be used as a starting material for the analysis of changes in the surface of the concrete in the following years. The results of an inventory of geometry of the control gallery and a preliminary analysis of the surface of the concrete overflow using unsupervised classification method have been presented. The process of gallery model creation, as well as selected possible analyses and measurements based on the data from terrestrial laser scanning have been also described.