This article discusses the current capabilities of automate processing of the image data on the example of using PhotoScan software by Agisoft. At present, image data obtained by various registration systems (metric and non - metric cameras) placed on airplanes, satellites, or more often on UAVs is used to create photogrammetric products. Multiple registrations of object or land area (large groups of photos are captured) are usually performed in order to eliminate obscured area as well as to raise the final accuracy of the photogrammetric product. Because of such a situation t he geometry of the resulting image blocks is far from the typical configuration of images. For fast images georeferencing automatic image matching algorithms are currently applied. They can create a model of a block in the local coordinate system or using initial exterior orientation and measured control points can provide image georeference in an external reference frame. In the case of non - metric image application, it is also possible to carry out self - calibration process at this stage. Image matching algorithm is also used in generation of dense point clouds reconstructing spatial shape of the object (area). In subsequent processing steps it is possible to obtain typical photogrammetric products such as orthomosaic, DSM or DTM and a photorealistic solid model of an object . All aforementioned processing steps are implemented in a single program in contrary to standard commercial software dividing all steps into dedicated modules. Image processing leading to final geo referenced products can be fully automated including sequential implementation of the processing steps at predetermined control parameters. The paper presents the practical results of the application fully automatic generation of othomosaic for both images obtained by a metric Vexell camera and a block of images acquired by a non - metric UAV system