The development of digital photogrammetric technology, supported by the appearance of high resolution digital aerial cameras and new satellite imaging systems, has resulted in the transformation of the quality of photogrammetric products and their wide distribution. This has created new areas of interests, including their use for cadastral works. This paper discusses the issues related to the creation and modernization of cadastral maps in Poland and Kazakhstan. Extensive works in this field are performed in both countries: in Kazakhstan, this work results from systematic changes and in Poland, they are performed within the Governmental Programme of Development of an Integrated Real Estate Information System (ZSIN). Different conditions and demands for cadastral maps exist in both countries and they may be met by different technical means. In Kazakhstan, high resolution satellite images are useful. Their use has been fostered by two Earth satellite observation systems which were introduced two years ago. In Poland the conditions and demands dictate the use of high resolution aerial photographs. This paper discusses also in more detail the status of these works and demands, the existing capabilities of satellite imaging systems and the technical and organizational conditions relating to the use of contemporary photogrammetry for the modernization of cadastral maps in both countries.