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About journalThe Archives of Photogrammetry, Cartography and Remote Sensing (APCRS) is the scientific journal published under the supervision of the following scientific organizations:

  • Polish Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
  • Polish Academy of Sciences – Section of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
  • Section of Cartography and GIS Association of Polish Cartographers
  • Polish Geographical Society – Section of Remote Sensing

The APCRS has been published since 1994. Starting from 2014 APCRS is published as a biennial. The scope and essence of our magazine is related to photogrammetry, cartography, remote sensing, GIS – broadly-understood as geomatics. The Following types of papers can be submitted in the APCRS Journal: original research and technical publications which present the results of research, monographs as well as review and critical articles. Volumes of the APCRS are published in Polish or English.
The primary version of the journal is the paper edition. Full texts of articles are published on the website of the Polish Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing:
Publications contained in Archives of Photogrammetry, Cartography and Remote Sensing are indexed in: Google Scholar as well as Index Copernicus and BazTech databases.

Paper submission

During paper submission author should complete a publication form which contains information about authors, affiliation, and contribution of the individual authors in the submitted paper as well as sources of publication funding. After signing the form it should be sent in hard copy or as a scan to the e-mail address of the Editorial Office. In the case of an open call for paper submission, articles shall be sent directly to the e-mail address of the Editorial Office. In this case, the Publisher can reserve the right to make a payment for including the article in the volume of Archives of Photogrammetry, Cartography and Remote Sensing. In the case of papers presented during certain conferences co-organized by the Polish Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, the publication is free of charge. In this case it is acceptable to send a paper to Conference Organizers – Volume Editor appointed by the Editor-in-Chief. The Volume Editor in cooperation with Editor-in-Chief and Thematic Editors decides about the review of submitted articles in independent review process. In the case of a positive review the author receives the paper for final approval.

Paper preparation

The paper should be prepared in accordance with the attached APCRS template as a camera-ready file. The final version of the paperis prepared with materials provided by authors in accordance with Reviewers’ comments. The Editorial Office reserves the right to include editorial correction in the final text.

Review process

The full text of paper including figures, tables and summary is sent to at least two independent Reviewers for double-blind review. Reviewers are selected from active national and international scientific community. During Reviewers selection the Editor-in-Chief and the Volume Editor take into account the Reviewer’s competence related tothe subject of the submitted paper as well as the lack of links that could possibly affect the independent nature of the evaluation both in a positive and negative sense, including different affiliation of Reviewer and Author.
Reviewers fill in a peer-review form by evaluation of the article in scoring from 0 to 30 points and recommending

  • acceptance of the paper without correction or with some minor editorial corrections,
  • acceptance with correction that require consideration by the authors and eventual re-review
  • rejection of the paper

In case of two reviews with different recommendations, the decision is made by the Editor-in-Chief in consultation with Thematic Editors. Editor-in-Chief may also designate a third reviewer to provide another opinion. The corresponding author is informed by Editorial Office about the result the review process. The text of the manuscript is sent by e-mail for eventual correction according to comments provide by Reviewers, Linguistic and Statistical Editor.

The editorial Office pays particular attention to the lack of acceptance for “ghostwriting” and “guestauthorship”. “Ghostwriting” refers to assisting in presenting the author’s work without being acknowledged. “Guest authorship” refers to being named as an author without having made substantial contributions. These phenomena are manifestations of scientific dishonesty. Any detected cases will be unmasked, including notification of the institutions employing the authors, scientific societies, associations, scientific editors etc…